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Yazom is an interactive media platform based purely on ‘Challenges’ or what we call ‘Targets’! You can go solo or dare other people around you. Do well at it and one day you might be the next top influencer on the next big platform! #CelebrateEveryWin

Endorsed by Yazom

Have a noble cause and would like to raise awareness with your initiative by pushing a target and getting others to dare it? Yazom is ALWAYS looking for extraordinary people with big hearts. Pitch us your target and we’ll reach out to you and support your mission.

Endorse Star - BLUE


Adorns the profile of those who have recently spearheaded a transformational challenge.


Endorse Star - GOLD


Adorns the profile of those who have demonstrated a high level of completing challenges that have led to transformational changes within a community.


What’s a Transformational Challenge?

Any challenge that raises the awareness of a particular problem and generates incentives such as funding and other gifts.


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